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Factory DVD/Blu-Ray Upgrade for 2014-2016 GM Trucks or SUVs

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by Anthony

Who Said Road Trips Can’t Include Movie Nights?

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax and enjoy your favorite movie with your favorite person after a long segment of an adventuring road trip? Do you frequently take your family for weekend camping escapades and your kids like to watch their favorite show on the road or before bedtime? Even if you just need to drive around for work a lot, why not take the stress out of heavy traffic and long commutes by singing and half-dancing along to a video of your beloved band or singer? After all, nobody you know will be watching, or listening…

All of that and more is possible with the in-car video integration options that we offer at MVI Inc. So, if what you need is a DVD or Blu-Ray player in your GM vehicle, we are proud to now offer an upgrade kit that goes out completely plug-and-play and pre-programmed for your specific vehicle.

Once you have all the parts and harnessing needed, the installation will take less than an hour. However, to make the upgrade work correctly, there’s quite a bit of programming required both on the display screen and the HMI. That’s why we offer two options for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget:

mobile video integration in Denver

Option 1

You pull the screen and HMI from the dash and ship them to us for the work, and we will then send them back along with our custom built harnessing. This option will save you a little money upfront; however, the vehicle will NOT run without the HMI module installed, so you’ll need to be able to accommodate the car’s downtime. Once we receive your equipment in our workshop, we can get it turned around within two business days and then send it back.

Option 2

We send you a new display screen and HMI, along with our custom built harnessing. This will cost a little more upfront, but your truck will remain drivable in the meantime. The kit we send arrives completely pre-programmed, plug-and-play, and ready to go for your vehicle. In this case, we will also need the old HMI and old CD player back as a core.

If you so choose, you can also sell your old screen; you just need to send it back to us. To determine the credit amount, we’ll first need to see what the condition of the screen is when it arrives, but we should be able to get you back approximately $200 – $300. Keep in mind that touch screen scratches and worn buttons will reduce its value and make it worth less money.


2014-2016 Chevy Silverado – 2015-2016 Chevy Suburban and Tahoe – 2014-2016 GMC Sierra – 2015-2016 GMC Yukon/Denali

Video-In-Motion Unlock for GM Vehicles

If you want your video system to play in motion for your passenger’s enjoyment, one of the unlock options provided needs to be selected. Please note that these services are discounted if purchased as a bundled package, but will cost extra if purchased separately:

For more detailed information and requirements, please call 866-428-3585 or send an email to

Need a Harness Kit for Your GM Vehicle?

Posted on: February 24th, 2017 by Anthony

Custom Hand-Built Wiring Harness Kits Made in the USA

Are you looking to integrate a new radio or navigation system in your car and just need all the wiring for the correct installation? Then you need to look no further; at MVI Inc., we can provide just the wiring kits for the people who feel qualified to install their own system.

All of our harness kits are carefully made in-house by our trained experts and come complete with everything you’ll need for your installation, including all harnessing with GPS connections if purchased. We also provide a full set of instructions and installer self-help videos with your order (when available), plus up to 15 minutes of technical support!

Navigation System for Buick

2012 Buick Regal with IntelliLink Navigation System

Custom Harness Kit Features

  • Genuine OEM connectors and terminals
  • Always soldered, never crimped!
  • Wrapped in automotive-grade fabric tape for OEM look
  • Each wire is ohmed after completion to ensure operation when installed
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Hand-built in the USA
  • Built to exact measurements to ensure a proper and OEM fit


Some soldering may be necessary for DATA connections; however, the kit will be labeled accordingly in those cases.

Fitments Available for Immediate Ordering

2012-2013 Buick Regal

  • On sale for $365.00 (Reg. $399)

2010-2013 Buick Lacrosse

  • On sale for $325 (Reg. $399)
 upgraded navigation system for Buick Regal

Buick Regal with upgraded navigation system

OEM Factory Navigation Systems and Mobile Video Integration for GM Vehicles

We are specialists in original GM navigation and electronic systems and can perfectly integrate them into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the factory. Our services and products provide affordable in-car navigation solutions that mean you are no longer stuck with the boring, regular radio dashboard display in your ride,  even if you couldn’t afford the full-trim version at the dealership.  

We have over 26 years of combined experience working specifically in the GM family, so you can be certain you will not find another company with the same knowledge of the GM factory navigation line. We are based in Denver, Colorado, but can ship nationwide. Please call 866-428-3585, or send an email to for more details.

Can I Add a Navigation System to My Import Vehicle?

Posted on: February 20th, 2017 by Anthony

With the Help of MVI Inc., Yes, You Can!

Let’s say you purchased an import vehicle from a dealership not long ago, but the full trim option that you liked was way off your budget. So by now, you’ve probably heard and read all about the advantages and benefits of having a navigation system in your car, the only problem being that you are left wondering what would be the best aftermarket option to add one to your ride. Let’s not even talk about all the confusing and often misguided information regarding whether or not an aftermarket electronics addition will void your vehicle’s warranty (it will not, by the way!).

UVO navigation

Kia Sportage UVO Navigation System

So, regardless of the reason, if you are thinking of adding a factory multimedia or navigation system to your domestic or import car, we’ll be happy to help you with that, and without breaking your bank account in the process!

Here at Mobile Video Integration, our owner has been specializing in automotive electronics since 1995, and we are proud of being able to stay current with the latest technology to safely integrate the factory equipment into your vehicle’s onboard electrical and computer systems.

Factory Electronics Installation for Import Cars

We carry an extensive line of O.E.M. factory navigation systems and navigation solutions for your domestic, import, and European autos. Even though we specialize in GM navigation systems, we do offer fitments for more platforms, including non-Bose audio systems. Some of the genuine factory navigations that we can work on and provide installation instructions for include Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Nissan, and Infinity.

All of our navigation and multimedia products are plug-n-play and come with everything you’ll need for your installation, including all harnessing, GPS antenna, a complete set of instructions, installation videos (if available), and navigation system programming to your specific vehicle. There’s no dealer programming needed, and you also get up to 15 minutes of technical support!

We also carry an extensive line of mobile video products such as headrest DVD video systems and overhead DVD entertainment systems, plus we supply a broad range of other vehicle electronics like rear view cameras, backup sensors, heated seats, and Bluetooth technology systems.

MyFord Touch Garmin

Ford Garmin Navigation System

Want to learn more about how to upgrade an import vehicle with a multimedia system? Then feel free to text or call 866-428-3585. You can also email us at

5 Ways Factory Navigation Systems Make Your Life Easier

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Anthony

(Featured image source:

There Are Several Safety Factors and Convenient Reasons Why Vehicles Are Rapidly Evolving Their Onboard Technology

We are living in exciting times regarding vehicle electronics and efficient energy sources, as these changes are moving from being a simple trend or futuristic idea and becoming more of a conscious consumer’s choice, thus opening a new market for automakers.

In such a fast-paced world, people want convenience more than ever, so anything that can make their lives less complicated and safer at the same time is a no brainer choice, if available. Such is the case with vehicles, since who wouldn’t like a car that obeys your voice commands and gives you visual and audible directions to get faster to your destination, among other feats?

need a high-quality navigation system

(Image credit: MyLink in a 2016 Chevrolet Equinox – Source:

There are many benefits of having an original infotainment system in your car, including the following five:

1) Navigation

With factory navigation integrated into your dashboard, the days of getting lost, having to ask for directions, or pulling over to dive nose-first into large road maps are over. An original factory navigation system lets you type in your destination’s address, or if you are already driving, you can just talk to your ride using the voice recognition functionality, and it will talk back to you with the desired turn-by-turn instructions! The route will also be displayed on the large dashboard screen, as well as traffic updates and even weather updates (service subscription may be required).

2) Hands-Free Calling & Texting

Apple CarPlay for GM vehicles

Siri voice control in Apple CarPlay

With strict traffic laws about using your phone when driving and all the sad texting-while-driving accident statistics, the hands-free calling option is as much a safety feature as a convenient feature. A genuine navigation console lets you pair your smartphone via Bluetooth to the factory integrated multimedia system so you can use the voice recognition software. More recently, there’s also the option to have the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features added so that you can also use your phone’s platform from the dashboard’s screen.

3) Camera Display

You won’t have to worry about blind spots again! With front and rear camera views displayed on the dash, your life will be easier when parking in tight spaces or backing up from your driveway, avoiding objects and even small children. Additionally, you can go full 360° with side mirror cameras, which are a great help in preventing accidents when changing lanes or turning at intersections.

4) Entertainment Options

From simply telling your ride to play good old regular radio to watching Netflix® while on the road, you can bet you and your family or friends will never get bored on a road trip again with the different features available for entertainment in a factory multimedia system. Also, with satellite radio subscriptions such as Sirius XM® or Pandora® and the direct smartphone streaming options, the days of carrying bulky CD cases are long gone.

5) OnStar® Concierge & Road Assistance

If you have a GM vehicle and an OnStar® subscription plan, you can have access to automatic crash response, emergency services, roadside assistance, vehicle security and remote diagnostics, hands-free calling, and even a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your car.

blind spot elimination for GM vehicles

2016 GMC Intellihaul Camera System, 360 blind spot camera system

At MVI Inc., we are proud to provide professional installation of OEM navigation systems. We specialize in GM Navigation Systems, but also offer fitments for more platforms including non-Bose audio and other original factory navigations such as Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MyGig, and Volkswagen. All of our original factory navigation systems can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the dealer. Contact us at 866-428-3585 or send an email to for more details.

Save Money and Time with an In-Car Navigation System

Posted on: February 13th, 2017 by Anthony

Get from One Point to Another Hassle-Free

An automotive nav system is part of the vehicle’s controls or a third-party add-on utilized to find direction in a car. It typically takes advantage of a satellite navigation device to get its position data, which is then correlated to a location on the road. When directions are required, routing can be calculated.

When traveling by car, getting from one point to another without making any turns is usually challenging. Going from one location to another by car has become much easier thanks to technology like in-car navigation systems.

This technology enables drivers to input multiple destinations and can provide step-by-step directions with various route alternatives. Contemporary nav systems can account for traffic jams, construction, and tolls, and often have other extra features.

Save on Gas with an Automotive Navigation Systemcar electronic installation in Colorado

Many in-car navigation systems will often provide you with the most direct route possible, rerouting you so you can get quicker to your destination. This means that it helps you to avoid heavily trafficked routes, as well as other areas where stop-and-go driving may occur.

These systems also help save on gas by alerting you to the shortest possible route between destinations. The fewer miles you drive, the more gas you save. If you are traveling to more than one destination in an outing, arrange them so that they involve the least possible backtracking and needless driving.

Whether you are taking a long road trip with your friends or you are out about with your family for the day, knowing how to best use your in-car navigation system can turn into significant savings in time and money. This useful tool will get you to your destination more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

If you need a high-quality navigation system, contact the InDash Factory Integrated Multimedia Navigation System Integration Experts. MVI is your one-stop shop for all your car electronic installation needs in Colorado.Navigation System Integration Experts

Factory Backup Camera Solutions for GM Full-Size Vehicles

Posted on: February 3rd, 2017 by Anthony

Rear view cameras are one of those technology innovations that came to make our lives easier and safer, and thus, they are here to stay. In fact, by 2018, it will be mandatory for all new vehicles in the U.S. to come with a backup camera installed. The convenience of being able to see what’s behind you when backing up is especially necessary for large vehicles, such as GM trucks and SUVs.

However, have you been told that adding a genuine GM factory backup camera is not possible after the vehicle has left the building plant? Have you been offered a license plate mounted alternative or some other form of non-factory camera option instead? Those may be good options; however, we also know from years of experience that today’s customers are looking for factory equipment, such as the options we offer below:

GM Factory Handle Back Up Camera

Tailgate Handle Backup Camera for 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra

2007-2013 genuine GM tailgate handle camera

List Price: $229


  • A navigation system or a display system will be required
  • Navigation system programming may be necessary (if applicable)
  • If there is not a navigation system, we suggest using the OnStar® rearview mirror with backup display (upgrade required from a drop-down menu)

Tailgate Handle Backup Camera for 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra

tailgate handle backup camera for Chevrolet trucks

2014-2016 genuine GM tailgate handle camera

On Sale Price: $219 (reg. $259)


  • Only MyLink or IntelliLink (I04, I05, I06) vehicles supported
  • System programming will be required to add software (please see drop down box above)
  • If you have the I03 (BASE W/T), we suggest using the On*Star rearview mirror with backup display (upgrade required from drop-down menu) or our I03 upgrade
  • Camera will show on factory 4.2″ or 8″ screen (I04, I05, I06)
  • Dealer programming no longer required as we make the upgrade easy for you with our GM Custom Camera Programmer (this is yours to keep and use as often as necessary while you own the vehicle).

Rear Lift Gate/Lip Mounted Backup Camera for All 2007-2014 GM Full-Size SUVs

GM Backup camera

2007-2014 genuine GM rear liftgate/lip installed backup camera

List Price: $219


  • Dealer may require radio programming
  • A navigation system or display system will be required
  • If there is no navigation system, we suggest using an OnStar® rear view mirror with display (upgrade required from drop-down)
  • Input harness will be needed for vehicles with a navigation system (see drop-down)


2007-2014 GMC Suburban – 2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe – 2007-2014 Chevrolet Yukon – 2007-2013 Cadillac Escalade – 2007-2012 GMC Denali/Acadia

With over 20 years of experience with the GM product line and specializing in adding factory navigation systems for the last nine years, we can give you the ability to add a genuine factory GM tailgate handle backup camera as well. Contact us at 866-428-3585 or send an email to for more details.