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mylink chevrolet camaro

Install Difficulty

The install difficulty is a 5 – 6 out of 10.

Required tools

  • Plastic Prying tools
  • T15, T25, 7mm
  • Angled pick
  • Soldering Gun

Estimated Install Duration

  • If it’s your first time removing and installing the panels this might take a bit longer. Estimated would be 2 hours.
  • If you have done it before it could take 45mins to 1hr.


  • Professional installation recommended
  • VIN # Number required for programming

Shipping Timeline

There is up to a 14 business day Order processing timeline, depending on busy levels before orders will ship.

Parts Checklist

  • Camaro Screen Unit
  • Silver Radio Module
  • Custom Camaro Harness
  • Blue LVDS Cable
  • USB Cables
  • Labels, Plugs & Connectors (If Applicable)
  • Instruction Guide

Optional Items

  • GPS Antenna/Splitter Kit
  • Rear Camera
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Please note that we will be working part time for the next 3 weeks and ALL Larger orders will take longer than the noted 14 days to process and ship. This is so we can restructure how MVI is doing business.

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