2019 – 2021 Chevrolet Silverado Factory SD Mapping Navigation System


Fits 2019 – 2020 Chevrolet Silverado New Body Style Trucks. IOS infotainment option code Required.

This upgrade does NOT work for trucks with Option Code – IOR


Many other vehicle fitments available. Please message MVI for details on other vehicle fitments.

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Compatibility and Programming

Please Supply Last 8 of Vin#

Year / Make / Model

Tech Support Information

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This upgrade requires an upfront core charge that will be refunded once returned to MVI in perfect working condition utilizing the return shipping label provided by MVI.

Please select the option you prefer after you have read the product description

Update your new 2019 - 2021 with our Factory SD Mapping Navigation System without changing so many of your vehicle parts!

MVI now offers a Genuine Chevrolet Silverado Factory SD Mapping Navigation System for your new 2019 – 2021 Chevrolet Silverado!

This new car model boasts a whole new electronic system that will NOT allow for the addition of an aftermarket NAV solution, and making this Factory Navigation System possible is not an easy one. It is advisable to read and discern carefully all the information provided in this article before making your purchase.

This upgrade on your Chevrolet Silverado Factory SD Mapping Navigation System will keep everything completely original in the vehicle while adding a GPS unit as if it came built from the factory. (disclosure below)

The all-new electrical system of this new body style truck has become even more complex and rather difficult to swap things around successfully without very extensive knowledge of the system, and you will not find that knowledge with any other company. With that said, please read carefully all of the in’s and out’s of each of our options offered for this upgrade.


  • Our factory navigation upgrade will be sent out as a genuine GM module swap set up specifically to your Silverado’s Vin# for turn-key, plug, and play installation.
  • This upgrade will be the quicker and more convenient of the two (2) options and will require a core back in brand new and undamaged condition.
  • MVI will provide the insured shipping label to return the core module back with.
  • The core fee will be refunded to the card used at the time of purchase within two (2) weeks after MVI received it back and inspects it.
  • Please see the pictures below that show what will result in a Core Refund Refusal.

IOS Module with Missing  Fakra Connector – NOT A REFUNDABLE CORE

IOS Module with broken molex locking tabs – NOT A REFUNDABLE CORE

What You Need to Know About This Upgrade Option

These new electrical systems have many modules tied to them from the factory, and each of these modules has its own I.P address tied to each one of them. When you swap one of these modules in the system for a new one, you break the registered I.P address of that module’s role in the circuit. Although the new module may partially work as intended, there is still a break in the circuit that may cause some very random issues within the vehicle’s infotainment system. We have only seen these random issues on a handful of upgrades, and we have been able to get them corrected for the most part. MVI will provide some information that will help fix most of these random issues, but you do need to be aware that they could happen on your upgrade and, MVI cannot guarantee that these issues will go away completely on all vehicles. Some of these issues can include:

  • Random Start-Up Audio Issues
  • Intermittent Blank Screen upon Remote Start  and Entry into the vehicle
  • Misc Errors within the MyLink System
  • Nav Traffic and Weather more Difficult to Activate

Please note: These issues have only been noticed in a few of the upgraded vehicles, but most vehicles have not experienced such. MVI has not been able to distinguish what causes these issues that have popped up and they seem to be very random per vehicle.

  • This is definitely the safer of the two options, as far as possible issues go.
  • This option will cost more in shipping and will take a bit longer to perform, however, in the end, you should not experience as many of the possible issues listed in option #1 above.
  • Sending your own module retains your true factory module after the upgrade is done, thus, retaining the original IP address signed to the module.
  • The main benefits of this option are that you will not break the original factory registered IP address of the radio module on the circuit, and you will also retain your original XM tuner ID.
  • MVI will send you a replacement module to use while your vehicle’s specific Radio Module is sent in for the Navigation Programming.
  • The loaner module will be intended only for use so that your vehicle will operate while your original module is being worked on.
  • This option will require two round-trip shipments, thus, requiring more shipping costs.
  • The core deposit collected will not be returned until the upgrade is fully done and the loaner module is returned back to MVI in working condition. 
What features are included in our Chevrolet Silverado SD Navigation upgrade?
  • Adds NAV Icon on the touch screen (I0S infotainment System Required. IOR is not supported)
  • O.E.M SD Mapping Software
  • Full Voice Recognition
  • Provides Real-Time Traffic and Speed Limit Info (Sirius Travel Link Required)
  • Enhanced Color Display with 2D or 3D mapping
  • Plug and Play Installation – 1 hour or less to install

When you choose the first option and go with a Radio Module swap, you need to be aware that you are also swapping out your original Sirius XM tuner. Sirius XM can be very challenging to deal with when it comes to swapping XM tuners on your account, so you need to make sure and consider this when choosing Option #1.

Traffic and Weather features are subscription-based services. These services will require a subscription to OnStar Connected Services or SiriusXM Travel Link. There is a ton of information about how challenging these services can be to attain, and MVI will not be responsible in assisting to get these services activated.

Please see the following links on this service upgrade information:


We have found that some vehicles display a message of “Cannot complete the request at this time” when trying to perform navigation commands. This is very random and does not happen in all vehicles. We have heard that this is an OnStar issue and will be updated via an OnStar update, but we have not been able to confirm the issue is fixed at this time. MVI Cannot Guarantee these functions, as it is very random between vehicles.

  • Speed Limit Sign Display

We have found that certain vehicles will not display the posted road speed limit in the cluster information. This also appears to be an OnStar issue and may or may not be corrected with an update. MVI will not be responsible for this feature to work. We will post the information on this as soon as we get it organized.

What are the requirements for this upgrade?
  • Bose Audio NOT Required
  • The vehicle must already be equipped with the factory IOS 8″ HD Touch Screen. Vehicles with the I0R option code are not supported for this factory navigation upgrade.
  • VIN number required for proper vehicle-specific setup.
  • We do provide up to 15 minutes of dealer installation support for troubleshooting purposes ONLY. As a custom business, we are NOT able to offer on-demand tech support. Tech support must be scheduled via TEXT MESSAGE only.
  • 2019  Chevy Silverado 1500
  • 2020 Chevy Silverado
  • 2021 Chevy Silverado

Watch 2019 – 2020 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Factory Navigation Upgrade for more information.

For installation video, you can also watch Dealer Tech Install 2019 2020 Silverado Factory Navigation Upgrade. Please note: 2019 2500 and 2500 Models should check out with the 2018 Navigation System.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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