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All New – Installers Lotion – Smells Great!!

Great for temporary relief from pain in the back, neck, knee’s and more.

Available in different shapes and sizes; see the selection box below.

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MVI is pleased to introduce you to the all new Installers Lotion for temporary pain relief. Many times; when working on our vehicles, we put our bodies in positions it’s not used to being in for extended periods of time. Now we are now able to supply you some much need relief that you may experience when installing new electronics into your vehicle. The single biggest reason for offering this new product is simple; IT ACTUALLY WORKS, it works very well and it smells great too! This new lotion is available in a few different shapes and sizes, but the common theme between all of them is that it actually does provide pain relief that may result from being hunched over inside or outside the vehicle for any extended period of time.

Common Uses:

Simple Backache

Muscle Strains


Sprains, Bruises and Cramps

Here is what MVI Founder Anthony Brush has to say about it: ” I have worked professionally in the automotive industry my entire life. Years of being hunched over an engine bay or twisted in a difficult position trying to wire under the dash of a vehicle can take a serious toll on a person. For me it finally required L5 Lumbar Back Surgery in 2010. After that painful surgery and long recovery, I learned real quick to pay attention to those annoying pains that come with age and putting your body in positions that it does not like to be in for extended periods of time. I’ve tried many different forms of over the counter pills, lotions, creams and even some prescription pain medication and have honestly never experienced the almost immediate and longer lasting relief that I get from this installers lotion. Plain and simple…It Works ! ”

This product is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Menthol, Willow Bark and more. This product does NOT contain any harsh chemicals, dyes or GMO’s.

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