Toyota Tundra/Tacoma Tailgate Handle Camera


2007-2014 Factory Fit Toyota Tundra Tailgate Handle BackUp Camerakit

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MVI Inc. is proud to bring you this Factory Fit Toyota Tundra or Tacoma Tailgate Handle Back Up Camera (see fitments below).  If you own a new body style 2007-2014 Toyota Tundra or 2009-2014 Toyota Tacoma that did not come with backup camera already installed, then we have you covered!

No need to break the bank either; like all of our other Factory Fit Backup Cameras, we have simplified the entire installation process to 3 wires. All you need to hook up is reverse signal power, ground and run the video signal to the front. It is as simple as that and it gets even easier if you own a Tundra that is pre-wired (most are…please call for details). So do not put off installing this much needed safety feature anymore. You can now back up with peace of mind each time you place your truck in reverse. You will now know exactly what is behind you and how close you are to it.

All Rear View Cameras require some sort of display system to see the image. If your Tundra or Tacoma did not come equipped with a navigation system; don’t sweat it because we offer packages for all trim levels. Please read the options below and decide which package best suits your needs.


– Professional installation recommended

– Requires a rear view mirror w/ backup display if there is no navigation display screen in vehicle (additional charge)


 * 2007-2014 Toyota Tundra

 * 2009-2014 Toyota Tacoma

Please contact us at 866-428-3585 or email us at Monday thru Friday between 9am-5pm EST with any questions!

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