Power Liftgate Kit Upgrade

Add a Power Liftgate System to your vehicle and experience the convenience of higher end trim packages without the higher trim level price point.



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Add a Power Liftgate Kit to your system so you can experience the convenience of higher end trim packages without the higher trim level price point.

MVI has another amazing product, the power liftgate upgrade, that will be convenient to have in your vehicle. Imagine opening your liftgate without using your hands, wouldn’t that be convenient? Well, MVI is happy to introduce our All New Power Liftgate System which is an available upgrade to almost any vehicle model. 

Power Liftgate kit is an upgrade that will allow you to open and close your liftgate by the use of a remote. It can also be opened by pressing a factory button from the Driver’s Seat or rear hatch trim panel. Moreover, it can be manually opened and closed and has an OPTIONAL Foot Sensor Switch! The power liftgate upgrade has added safety features as well; with a pressure safety system to avoid accidents when opening and closing when there are obstacles present. It has adjustable height, an optional alarm sound when opening and closing, and a very quiet motor that can operate in all weather conditions. 

Adding our power liftgate kit to your system will have an OEM Fit and Finish feel, without the OEM trim level price tag.  Length and height opening will varies per vehicle model, so please check the fitments below and reach out with any questions prior to ordering.


  • Adjustable Gate Height
  • Pressure Safety System
  • Factory / OEM Fit / Finish
  • Optional – Alarm Sound when Closing and Opening
  • Quiet Motor
  • Work in all Weather Conditions
  • Add-On Foot Sensor when Opening
  • Retains Manual Opening and Closing
  • Remote Opening and Closing
  • Factory Buttons Switch (Front and Rear)
  • 3 Wire Connection and the Rest is all Plug and Play
Foot sensor power liftgate retrofit oem ugrade


5 out of 10 (Since wire connections are mostly plug and play

Watch Video to see how it works

Power Liftgate System Video


Please send pictures of your Hatch / Truck when OPEN or CLOSED to ensure fitment accuracy for all models. Foot Sensor Switch is an ADD-ON so make sure you select it if you need it before checkout.



  • Remove rear hatch panels
  • Remove factory lift gate struts
  • Remove factory strut mounts
  • Install supplied vehicle specific strut mounts and struts.
  • Install vehicle software specific control module
  • Route custom harness looming to front of vehicle on drivers side
  • Make connections with supplied info
  • Install front open/close switch
  • Install rear open/close switch
  • Calibrate the system
  • Test and put back together
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