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Navigate the Road like a Local with the Latest Chevrolet Navigation System upgrades

Chevrolet upgrades its navigation system from time to time, innovating it more to accommodate the growing needs of their Chevy customers. However, having your Chevrolet navigation system upgraded by buying the latest vehicle costs a lot. While buying a third-party navigation system and having it installed seems to be the easy fix, it doesn’t always work like how it should be. Fortunately, we at MVI provide lots of ways on how you can upgrade your Chevrolet navigation system, and we do it the factory way!


Every latest Chevrolet model has different features. But with MVI and depending on the compatibility of your Chevy vehicle, you can now have your desired features for your truck. Chevrolet Navigation System can now connect to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay through Mylink or USB cable making it easy to connect to your infotainment system with your phone.

On this page, you will just need to find and select the appropriate kits you need for your navigation system upgrade. And if it’s not there, shoot us a message, we might be able to do a custom kit to fit your needs.


Mylink is GM’s infotainment system featured from 2011 to the latest Chevrolet models. The Chevrolet MyLink is a 4, 7 or 8 inch touch screen located on your dashboard just beside your steering wheel. This infotainment system offers communication, navigation, connectivity and entertainment features from your vehicle on a screen located on your head unit.

Connecting your smartphone to the MyLink system allows you to put your phone away while driving, helping to limit distractions and stay focused on the road. This interface allows you to connect your smartphone to your car using Bluetooth. The MyLink system works with both Apple and Android phone models, though some devices may require a USB connection.

The Chevy MyLink system offers you numerous opportunities to customize your driving experience to make it enjoyable and safe. Some of the features and benefits it provides include:

  • The interactive screen of Chevy Mylink works similarly to a smartphone, allowing you to scroll through settings and apps.
  • The Chevrolet MyLink’s color touch screen divides its offerings into several sections for convenience, including navigation, phone, text, media, and weather (subscription required).
  • The touch screen also offers several options for customizing the settings within your Chevrolet vehicle. Within the settings options, you can adjust the time and date, as well as change settings related to your car’s climate, lighting, keyless access, and other convenience features.
  • The Chevrolet MyLink integrates with smartphones via Carplay or Android Auto connectivity, allowing you to access your phone and its apps or services wirelessly or using the USB or lightning cable. 
  • Without taking your eyes off the road, you can ask it to make a phone call, play a particular song, or find directions to a location using the Push to Talk button located on your vehicle’s steering wheel or directly on the MyLink touch screen.
  • The Chevrolet MyLink system comes with highly accurate voice recognition software, helping it capture specific names and commands.
  • Connecting your smartphone to MyLink enables you to make and receive hands-free phone calls, and you can start and end calls using the touch screen interface. The built-in voice system can also read your text messages aloud and help you respond to them using preset options or voice recognition, allowing you to stay focused on driving.
  • The built-in navigation section displays a local map of your area and creates routes for your destination, offering turn-by-turn directions. This feature also warns you about potential traffic issues and notifies you about toll booths to make your trips easier.
  • The Chevrolet MyLink connects to your smartphone, allowing you to access and play music from your personal library. You can also download various music or radio streaming apps, providing a personalized listening experience for subscription-holders.
  • A built-in Wi-Fi hot spot (optional-subscription required) can provide your passengers with internet access on up to seven devices. Users can browse their favorite websites, stream videos, and download games during road trips for entertainment.


The navigation system upgrades here in MVI depend on the kits you are going to purchase. But most of the upgrades are compatible with the 2014 – 2020 models. There are also 2007 – 2017 upgrades to choose from.


If you have any issues with installing any updates or have any other questions about your GM navigation system, contact our experts here at MVI Inc. today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and provide any further assistance you might need.

General Recommendation From MVI 

Professional installation is recommended if you are not familiar with automotive electronics and installations. We do provide up to 15 minutes of BASIC installation support for customers that prefer to do the install on their own, for troubleshooting purposes ONLY.

As a custom business, we are NOT able to offer on-demand tech support. Tech support must be scheduled via TEXT MESSAGE only. For more info please view our Terms and Conditions.

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