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Welcome to the next level of customer buying experience for upgrading your new vehicle to fit your infotainment, automotive technology needs! We specialize in OEM GPS Navigation Systems, Safety Features such as 360 Surround Vision Camera Systems and in Vehicle Entertainment such as DVD Video and Video Streaming. We do things much differently here, than any other place you will look at doing business with. We stand by our Core Values, and stay focused on our mission of changing the way business is conducted in the automotive industry.

Welcome to the next level of customer buying experience for upgrading your new vehicle to fit your infotainment, automotive technology needs! We specialize in OEM GPS Navigation Systems, Safety Features such as 360 Surround Vision Camera Systems and in Vehicle Entertainment such as DVD Video and Video Streaming. We do things much differently here, than any other place you will look at doing business with. We stand by our Core Values, and stay focused on our mission of changing the way business is conducted in the automotive industry.

We are a small be very mighty company. We build relationships and not just sales. We are your true friend in the automotive world. With our many years experience at the dealership level; we know the frustrations you experience, trying to get your vehicle setup the way you want it. We know the obstacles you face and that is the core of what this business is built on. We go out of our way to bring you the highest quality infotainment products to work in your new vehicle the way the auto manufacture designed it. We make OEM integration possible at a level that no one else can begin to provide.

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To Change The Way Business Is Conducted In The Automotive Industry, By Setting A New Standard Of Excellence With Customer Service And Business Relations.

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Tony KlimasTony Klimas
17:51 11 Jul 22
Install was not too difficult and everything works great. Added the Motorola wireless dongle and I have Android Auto every time I get in my car.Also noticed my Nav and a few other things were updated. Very happy with the results. Had some questions about my Sirius XM radio ID and they answered via text.2015 stingray lt2 z51
Daniel SardinhaDaniel Sardinha
23:49 03 Jul 22
Excellent product and instructions. Worked great.
Kevin KuttinKevin Kuttin
21:53 09 Nov 21
Excellent pre-sales support to make sure I was getting the correct product. Smooth process all around!
Daniel CornilsDaniel Cornils
21:16 01 Nov 21
Awesome products. Worked as advertised. Great job with videos and instructions. Definitely recommend.
John ClearyJohn Cleary
21:55 14 Sep 21
Anthony was extremely responsive to what I needed. Settled transaction quickly & shipped same day. Great written instructions and pics for a novice. All installed in less than an hour. I now have a wireless phone charger hard wired on console of my 2020 Chevy Suburban. Highly recommended!!
  • They sent me out a 12 inch headunit for my 2020 dodge 2500 diesel. Everything went smooth, instructions are super clear and 100% doable for the average person. I like the company. Worth saving 1300 dollars and programming yourself. Recommended company for sure

    Zach Dronet Avatar Zach Dronet
    January 16, 2022

    Absolutely Phenomenal. I goofed up on the programming with the laptop and their technical support was very fast and helpful. Highly recommend. Entire transaction was perfect. Love my new larger radio and screen! Thank you MVI

    Chip Maglione Avatar Chip Maglione
    December 7, 2021

    Perfect experience. I was very nervous spending this amount just to add CarPlay to my 2013 XTS. The guys communicated well before the sale. Provided ample in instructions on video and paper. Install was difficult but went just as they said it would. Cue system works faster as they said it would. Love it and would definitely recommend.

    Daniel Cornils Avatar Daniel Cornils
    October 29, 2021

    Outstanding work guys! Thank you for supplying the harness and software for my 2019 ram 1500 12 inch upgrade. You guys really Know what customer service is about. Thank you for answering my messages on a Sunday evening when I’m sure you were with loved ones. Again Thank you and the system works perfect!

    Jose Lugo Avatar Jose Lugo
    September 20, 2021
  • Big scam.. They post GM smartphone screen mirrors modul with video input for 609.00 but want 899.00 plus shipping.. scam!! don't waste your time and money..

    Robert Ran Avatar Robert Ran
    March 7, 2021

    Great help to purchase correct equipment and great service after I received and during Installation. Can't find better service!

    Thomas Oneal Avatar Thomas Oneal
    February 4, 2021

    great products and very knowledgeable people. would buy again in a heart beat

    Walker Cunningham Avatar Walker Cunningham
    January 15, 2021

    We looked for months on how to upgrade my Chevy Equinox to add Apple CarPlay. MVI was the only place that had an option to keep the original screen. Everything is labeled very clearly. My husband and I were able to install the kit in a few hours. When we had questions or problems, technical help was so great! We texted back and forth and all of our questions were answered. This is the best customer service ever! My ‘new’ stereo is awesome! And adding screen mirroring and an hdmi input is pretty awesome! 10/10 definitely would recommend!

    Aimie Furse Avatar Aimie Furse
    January 1, 2021
  • I am an owner of a 2015 GMC Sierra. Unfortunately the truck did not have Apple CarPlay. Did a lot of research which resulted me into buying the conversion from MVI. Installation of the modules were simple thank you to the directions given and video on YouTube. Apple CarPlay worked amazing but the voice / speech recognition through the vehicle and weather application did not work. I emailed Anthony and Nick from MVI and it was amazing how fast their response time was. Did some diagnosing as directed and resulted in a warranty replacement. MVI sent both modules but said to replace a certain one and try it. Well I did exactly what they said and it worked!!! I had an excellent experience and would recommend this company to everyone!!! If you are on the fence for whatever reason I hope this review pushes you over the edge to do business with this company. These guys stand by their product. Thank you for all the help and getting me to the place where I needed to be!

    Shawn Nunnelly Avatar Shawn Nunnelly
    September 21, 2020

    I had questions,, these guys haloed out fantastic, sent all I needed answered all questions I had , top notch service . Thank you

    Jeff Carmona Avatar Jeff Carmona
    September 18, 2020

    Purchased the camera kit for a GMC Sierra HD and had it installed locally. The kit included the wireless rear RV camera but the truck did not receive a good signal from it due to the length of the 5th wheel. I purchased the extender antenna which improve the signal, but the receiver could not pull in a signal if the truck was going over 20 mph. At rest or backing up at slow speeds, the picture was good. Anthony sent me an extender cable so the antenna could be moved further forward which has been done but this has not been tested while in motion yet. Through this whole process, Anthony has been professional, helpful, and patient with my many questions. The products I purchased are top notch and I commend MVI, and Anthony in particular, for his outstanding customer service.

    Mike Gardner Avatar Mike Gardner
    June 30, 2020

    17 Gmc Denali- I wanted a new truck for all the cameras (2020 GMC) but after finding Anthony and having him install-tow mirror cameras, front camera, 3rd break light camera, wireless camera for 5th wheel- I have no use for the new truck now that I have the same set up. Honestly he saved me a ton of money- He was very professional, punctual, and just a good guy to deal with!- I would definitely recommend him to anyone and for any future vehicles that need upgrading that I would purchase. Don’t hesitate-

    Robert Flores Avatar Robert Flores
    June 21, 2020
  • I have a 2015 Corvette, ordered an upgrade to add CarPlay. Units arrived within 5 days, everything was plug and play, and worked perfectly! Anyone out there with a vet looking to upgrade MVI is the place to go.

    Rob Smith Avatar Rob Smith
    May 14, 2020

    Anthony was very helpful in diagnosing my issue. My screen had gone black and the dealer wanted $1,300. MVI shipped the module quickly and I installed it. Boom! Back in business like new at around half the cost. Thank you and I highly recommend this company.

    Tom Gans Avatar Tom Gans
    April 27, 2020

    Installation was easy with the help of the online videos. Delivery to Canada was quick and the Apple Carplay upgrade kit worked great and as expected for my 2015 Sierra. I would definitely recommend this product and the service of MVI.

    Doug Swoboda Avatar Doug Swoboda
    April 12, 2020

    having a new truck with only the OnStar navigation was something I knew I wanted to fix when I bought the truck. now it is much better with the factory nav, mirroring and Android auto. the satellite view on Android auto navigation is just amazing. front camera and third brake light camera are next. you won't regret having these improvements. I love it.

    Marty Megson Avatar Marty Megson
    February 7, 2020
If you live in or near Denver, Colorado or don’t mind driving in from out of state, you can take full advantage of our personal V.I.P touch to your vehicle. We are an appointment only company, and we stay extremely, so you won’t want to stop by unannounced. However, you can message us to discuss your needs, and we’ll talk about what we can do to help, discuss our process and set an appointment to get you in. If you live outside the Denver area, or too far to drive…no worries, we can still provide you with the “know how” to get our products installed. We pride ourselves in being able to offer install videos and instructions on most all of our products. We also provide an entirely different level of personal interaction with our company when it comes to tech support and communication after the sale that you will not get from any other company out there…guaranteed!

Professional installation is always recommended and with our contacts across the United States we can likely recommend a reputable shop in your area. We also understand and support all those customers out there that just like to do the work themselves. If you are someone that prefers to get the job done yourself, we are here to make that installation go as smooth as possible for you. So whether you are already experienced and need some tech tips or just need help in locating a reputable shop; MVI Inc is your source for perfect factory integration.

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