Tech Support

As a small and custom business that accommodates a large volume of business, we are not able to provide On-Demand Tech Support. Tech support must be scheduled, so that we can prepare ourselves for your situation and give you the attention needed to get you through the install. Tech Support is handled by TEXT Messaging only, and phone calls will only be done if we deem it necessary to get more detailed information from you. We will require pictures of your install, connections etc., so that we can see what you are seeing and give you the proper guidance. So, to ensure a smooth process, please be sure to follow the directions below and enter the proper information in the calendar where asked for it, and follow our lead through the process.

  • If you purchased a kit from us, you will get the first 30 min of needed support for free. There was a coupon provided to you when you purchased your kit. Enter this coupon code at checkout to get the 30 minutes of support at no charge.
  • If you have pictures handy of the install, feel free to upload them into the area below, so we can look at things ahead of time. If not, no worries; however, you will need to be prepared to send us pictures of certain things we need upon request. 
  • If you need help diagnosing your factory system and have not purchased anything from us, we can assist, but please message us first, using the chat app in the lower right hand corner of each page.
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