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As a small and custom business that accommodates a large volume of business, we Do Not have the resources to provide over the phone tech support, as it takes up too much of our time that needs to be spent on getting orders built and shipped out for other waiting clients. Tech Support is Handled by SMS TEXT Messaging and will work out great as long as you follow our lead and do what we ask. 

Because we are so small and have limited resources, we DO NOT offer On-Demand Tech Support. Tech support must be scheduled, and our scheduling calendar will only allow as early as 1 day ahead, if the time slot is available.  This is to allow us to prepare ourselves for your situation and give you the attention needed to get you through the install. With all of that being said, once you’ve gone through the process or scheduling our help, and submit the requested pictures; a lot of times we can still go ahead and start helping you out as time allows, before the scheduled date. You will also have the option of using use our self-serve instructions by using the chat window below. This self-serve AI is being worked on daily and is intended to answer many of the same questions that we get over and over again. So, if you’ll take the time to go through the chat, you may find we can get your questions answered and get you back on track, without ever having to get us involved via SMS TEXT messaging. 

To begin, select the “Tech Support” option on the lower right corner of this page, provide necessary details and select the options best describes the product you purchased. You can then select the “Schedule a Tech” or try the Self-serve option while waiting for your appointment.

We would also appreciate a feedback regarding our self-serve feature so we can better enhance our service in the future.

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