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Equip your vehicle with the Buick Navigation System, only here at MVI!

Buick upgrades its navigation system from time to time, innovating it more to accommodate the growing needs of their Buick customers. However, having your Buick navigation system upgraded by buying the latest vehicle costs a lot. While buying a third-party navigation system and having it installed seems to be the easy fix, it doesn’t always work like how it should be.

Fortunately, we at MVI provide lots of ways on how you can upgrade your Buick navigation system, and we do it the factory way!


Every latest Buick model has different features. But with MVI and depending on the compatibility of your Buick vehicle, you can now have your desired features for your vehicle. Buick Navigation System’s latest feature is to have an Intellilink system that can help you more while you are on the road.

On this page, you will just need to find and select the appropriate kits you need for your navigation system upgrade. Our products are pre-programmed to suit your vehicle and we also offer custom harness kits.


The Buick Intellilink infotainment system lets you connect to the apps of your phone – from your contacts to your Pandora and Stitcher Radio. These are just a few of the awesome features a Buick Intellilink has:

  • Hands-Free Communication: Using Bluetooth® technology, the IntelliLink system increases your capabilities while keeping your focus on the road. While your phone is safely stored away, you can:
  1. make and receive phone calls;
  2. read and write text messages;
  3. stream your music;
  4. access your favorite apps
  • The home screen of your infotainment display on your Buick vehicle allows you to no longer waste your time navigating through screens and features that aren’t important to you. This means the features that are important to you are the first ones you can access, not the last, and you can now move through features efficiently.
  • Stay Connected on the Go: those road trips with your family just became much more enjoyable with the addition of the IntelliLink system. You can now keep your loved ones entertained and informed thanks to the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot IntelliLink provides (VV4 Option Code Equipped vehicles Only. subscription Required) .
  • Another feature of the Intellilink infotainment system is the ability to connect us to several devices simultaneously when in the proximity of your vehicle.


Yes, of course! There are aftermarkets providing upgrades for navigation systems, and Intellilink is just one of them. If you want to opt for a specific upgrade for your vehicle, you can send us a message so we can help you with the custom upgrade.

We Provide All Of Our Customers

  • Quick Shipping via FedEx Insured
  • A Library Of Video Tutorials For Each Of Our Products
  • Hands Down The Best Customer Service In the Industry

Let Our Experts from MVI, Inc. Help

If you have any issues with installing any updates or have any other questions about your GM navigation system, contact our experts here at MVI Inc. today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and provide any further assistance you might need.

General Recommendation From MVI

Professional installation is recommended if you are not familiar with automotive electronics and installations. We do provide up to 15 minutes of BASIC installation support for customers that prefer to do the install on their own, for troubleshooting purposes ONLY.

As a custom business, we are NOT able to offer on-demand tech support. Tech support must be scheduled via TEXT MESSAGE only. For more info please view our Terms and Conditions.

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