Should I Add an O.E.M. Navigation System to My Car?

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4 Reasons to Install Factory Navigation in Your Vehicle

Whether you are just thinking about it or have already decided to go for a full multimedia system – including navigation software for your vehicle, chances are you may be a little disoriented as to which one is the best choice, given the numerous aftermarket options available out there.

So, we want to help you out here. If you are the type that appreciates the integrated look and wants the navigation functionality to work everywhere without suffering from signal coverage gaps, then you can pretty much see for yourself why you should pick an O.E.M. factory navigation system.

GM vehicles with OnStar
(Cadillac’s CUE Infotainment System – Image source:

Nevertheless, if you are still not convinced, here are four more reasons that says you need to take into consideration:


Are you looking for a clean, high-tech, integrated look besides the functionality of the system? Do you want an easy to see and large enough touchscreen conveniently placed on your dashboard? Complete and genuine integration can only be achieved through factory designed systems.


Original factory navigation systems are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer; therefore, they don’t affect the vehicle’s warranty and are covered by it.


Unlike portable navigation systems and cell phones that are left inside a parked car, factory navigations are virtually theft-proof. It will take a considerably longer amount of time for a thief to try to steal it, in contrast to a portable unit that is just hanging from the windshield.

Resale Value

An original integrated multimedia system adds to your car’s appeal when the time to sell comes, improving your chances of getting a better deal than if it just has the base trim radio system.

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(Image credit: MyLink in a 2016 Chevrolet Equinox – Source:

At MVI Inc., we are proud to provide professional installation of OEM navigation systems. We specialize in GM navigation systems, but also offer fitments for more platforms, including non-Bose audio and other original factory navigations such as Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MyGig, and Volkswagen. All of our original factory navigation systems can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the plant.

Contact us at 866-428-3585 or send an email to for more details.

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