Cadillac CUE CarPlay and Android Auto Enabled Factory System


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If you are attempting fix fix a DEAD or UNRESPONSIVE Touchscreen, this upgrade will not fix your problem. The CUE touchscreen is a completely different fix.

We Offer BOTH I05 (Non Factory NAV) and I06 (Factory NAV) Systems.

Current wait times for us to sell your Nav parts after the upgrade (IO6 consignment resale) are about 3 months. Due to amount of people currently in line.
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PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have factory navigation you will need to select the I06 option below (mandatory for Escalade models) or you will lose your factory NAV all together. When upgrading to the CarPlay / Android Auto System you are changing out your existing NAV module and replacing it with the new module. Please contact MVI for help in selling your old C.U.E Navigation System (if applicable).

HMI Unlock for In-Motion Passenger NAV/Video Entry

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MVI is proud to offer the factory Cadillac CUE CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade for your new 2013 – 2015 Cadillac. We use the genuine O.E.M parts to make this happen, so no need to settle for anything other than factory for your Cadillac upgrade. Many aftermarket systems often create more headaches than solutions, why not stick with the factory systems that were designed for your vehicle as we have your factory solution right here!
The factory Cadillac CUE CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade will consist of a new HMI Module, Radio Module and USB Hub for the center armrest. The newly supplied HMI comes with the upgraded 2.5 processor which will also enhance the overall performance of the factory CUE Infotainment System. This is definitely a noticeable difference to the way the system responds to touch, and this difference alone makes the upgrade worth the investment in your vehicle. There are some changes with how the steering wheel controls will act with this upgrade, so please make sure to read the note regarding the steering wheel controls below.
In order to perform the Cadillac Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade, you will need option code IO5 or IO6. For more information on how to determine which option code your vehicle is equipped with, please message MVI.

Very Important Notes:

If you are attempting fix fix a DEAD or UNRESPONSIVE Touchscreen, this upgrade will not fix your problem. The CUE touchscreen is a completely different fix. If you currently have Factory NAV you will need to select the I06 option above (mandatory for Escalade models) or you will lose the Factory NAV all together. When upgrading to the CarPlay/Android Auto System you are changing out your existing NAV module and adding the newer module. Please contact MVI for help in selling your old CUE NAV parts.

Steering Wheel Controls NOTE:

This Cadillac CUE CarPlay and Android Auto Upgrade will bring some changes to how your Steering Wheel Controls act, WHEN and Only When plugged in and using CarPlay or Android Auto. When plugged in and using CarPlay or Android you will NOT be able to Activate Siri or Google Assistant via the Voice button on the steering wheel. There will be an icon on the touchscreen to activate either phones voice features, or you can simply say “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” and not touch anything. This also deactivates the voice button to answer phone calls, however there is an Answer and Hang-Up icon on the touchscreen when the call comes in. The back of wheel buttons will still work to raise and lower audio volume and track forward and backward on your music library, for iPhone. Android phones act differently and from what we’ve seen, most older Android loose those buttons all together, and we have seen a couple instances with the very newest Android phones. Each Android model acts differently and we have no control over which phones do what. Your steering wheel controls will function just like they do know when your phone is not plugged in and using the CarPlay or Android Auto interface. So, for example; If you get into your vehicle and just have your phone in your pocket or purse, or laying on the console; all of your steering wheel buttons will function as they do now.
There is a fix for the steering buttons for the Caddillac Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Upgrade, that consists of replacing the instrument gauge cluster (speedo, fuel, tach etc). This is not a cheap upgrade though, so if interested in retaining full functionality of the steering wheel controls, please message us using the chat feature in the lower right hand corner, and we’ll be happy to explain further.

New Mapping Interface Note:

Gm did make some changes to the GMC CarPlay and Android Auto Mapping interface when they launched the new system in 2016. They are very minor changes, but worth noting:
  • The map icon is now just an arrow, you can no loner set it to be a car or truck image.
  • The very top portion of the screen is no just blackened out with a compass in the middle. It is no longer a sky background that emulates the weather.

Features include:

  • 2016 CARPLAY / Android Auto Technology (Apple / Google Maps, voice texting, music, and other carplay / android auto enabled apps)
  • Activates Factory NAV Icon on the touch screen (I06 Systems Only)
  • Upgraded 2.5 Faster Processor for overall faster C.U.E performance
  • O.E.M Mapping Software (Maps updates available directly from GM)
  • Full Voice Recognition including SIRI / Google features inside of Carplay / Android Auto (Steering Wheel Notes Above Apply)
  • Enhanced Color Display with 2D or 3D mapping
  • Advanced Install – Plug and Play Installation – 2-4 hour or less to install (Depends on Cadillac Model)
  • Bose Audio NOT Required
  • All of our factory systems come with the latest C.U.E software available, will add the weather / travel apps (Sirius/XM subscription required), and will come with the latest updates and software fixes to help avoid any issues. This will save you from potential headaches of going to the dealer down the road. A tremendous value added feature which separates ourselves from the rest!
  • All of our factory systems come complete with everything you’ll need for your installation; including all harnessing, GPS antenna, a complete set of instructions, installation videos (if available), programming to your specific vehicle (no dealer involvement needed), and up to 15 minutes of technical support (Handled by TEXT Message Only)!
  • NOTE: On some phones some of the steering wheel controls will deactivate while your phone is plugged in for CarPlay or Android Auto. Please see the Note above for complete info on which phones are affected and how they are affected.


  • 8″ C.U.E screen required (I05 or I06 Option code). Please see the FAQ tab above for more info on determining which option code your vehicle has.
  • VIN number required for programming prior to shipping (no dealer involvement necessary).
  • This is an advanced install and Professional Installation is recommended if you are not familiar with working on Cadillac Interiors. We do provide up to 15 minutes of BASIC installation support for customers that prefer to do the install on their own, for trouble shooting purposes ONLY. As a custom business we are NOT able offer on-demand tech support. Tech support must be scheduled and handled via TEXT MESSAGE only. For more info please view our Terms and Conditions.

AV Module with Smartphone Adapter – Click Here


Custom Software Unlock – Click Here

Add-On ByPass Module – Click Here


  • 2013 – 2015 Cadillac ATS
  • 2013 – 2017 Cadillac SRX
  • 2013 – 2015 Cadillac XTS
  • 2014 – 2015 Cadillac CTS
  • 2014 – 2015 Cadillac ELR
  • 2015 Cadillac Escalade (Must select IO6 CarPlay Sytem)
Weight10 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 in

3 reviews for Cadillac CUE CarPlay and Android Auto Enabled Factory System

  1. gmc78 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I used this package to add navigation and CarPlay to a 2014 ATS that came without factory navigation. The end result is stunning: it appears absolutely factory, cue performance is greatly increased, and the navigation system works flawlessly. In addition, I now have added apps in Cue and CarPlay.

    Installation is relatively simply if you have experience working things and have the correct tools. In my case, it’s been ten years since I’ve worked anything, so skills have certainly waned; yet I would still say that the installation was fairly easy. The installation is time consuming only due to the nature of carefully taking apart the dash. The support video and instructions make an easy-to-follow package.

    Would recommend to anyone.

  2. gmc78 (verified owner)

    Relatively easy to install (based on having experience and proper tools).

    Quality of finished product is flawless. I installed this in a 2014 ATS that did not have factory navigation. Both the navigation and CarPlay work flawlessly. Appearance and operation appears seamless and factory. I would recommend this to anyone.

    I can’t comment on the customer service, because everything was perfect. Given how well the product was prepared, I assume the service would be of equal quality had anything gone wrong.

    Bravo. Cannot say enough.

  3. Matt Kessel (verified owner)

    Anthony at MVI was excellent to work with. Communication was prompt and all questions were answered, equipment was promptly shipped and well package, and worked as described. I love the upgraded CUE with CarPlay and highly recommend MVI!

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