2022 – 2023 Ram UConnect 5 Pros and Cons

Upgrading to Uconnect 5 pros and cons

2022 ram 12 inch screen showing nav

Uconnect 5 represents a significant upgrade over previous versions, offering new features and capabilities. For example, Uconnect 5 brings wireless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This wireless connectivity eliminates the need for cables, providing a more convenient and clutter-free experience. Additionally, Uconnect 5 is reported to be five times faster than its predecessor, which can enhance overall system responsiveness.

Upgrading your 2019-2021 Uconnect 4 to Uconnect 5 has now been made possible and it can be done with MVI. It is now available on Non-Classic models. But, is it worth upgrading your Uconnect 4 to 5? Below are the Pros and Cons so you can weigh your options. 

12 inch U connect 5

Pros and Cons

Improved Features: Uconnect 5 brings various enhancements compared to its predecessor, providing a more advanced and feature-rich infotainment experience. Some notable features include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, allowing users to connect their smartphones without the need for cables. This wireless integration provides convenience and reduces clutter inside the vehicle.

Alexa Integration: Uconnect 5 introduces Amazon Alexa home-to-truck and truck-to-home functionality. This feature enables users to interact with their smart home devices from their Ram truck and vice versa. It expands the connectivity options and adds a level of integration between the vehicle and the user’s smart home ecosystem.

New Features and Capabilities: Uconnect 5 offers new features, content, and capabilities tailored specifically for truck and fleet owners. Although specific details regarding these features were not provided in the given search results, the integration of Uconnect 5 in the 2022 Ram lineup suggests that it brings enhancements that cater to the unique needs and requirements of truck owners.

Cons of Ram Uconnect 5:

Learning Curve: As Uconnect 5 represents a new generation of the infotainment system, there might be a learning curve associated with understanding and navigating the updated interface and features. Users who are accustomed to Uconnect 4 or other infotainment systems may need some time to familiarize themselves with the new system.

Compatibility and Retrofitting: Not all shops can upgrade your Uconnect 4 to Uconnect 5. Previously this is even impossible, but we received a lot of request for this upgrade. Finally we are able to offer this to 2019 – 2021 Ram Trucks, but you won’t easily find this upgrade elsewhere, and is even marked by google as “NOT feasible upgrade.” 

Want to know more about this kit? check the video link below.

Uconnect 5 video link

If you are ready to do the upgrade or want to learn more about the features and compatibility, check the link below.

Uconnect 5 upgrade

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