How To Use Chevy Equinox Navigation Voice Command

chevy equinox navigation voice command

Modern vehicles today come with a lot of advanced features that help out when on the road. We used to rely so much on our smartphones and the apps installed to help us with navigation, multi-media, and other things we deemed necessary while driving.  However, relying on phones is still a big risk as a split second of distraction can mean a huge disaster. Every driver has to keep his full attention on the road not just for his own safety but also for the people around him. 

For this reason, advancements in technology have given rise to smart infotainment systems that are built-in into modern vehicles. It acts much like your phone but is now built-in to your vehicle’s dash, replacing the radio that was once there. You can still listen to the radio or play your favorite tunes,  but it can do so much more now. Chevy Equinox has its own infotainment system and also has the features that you need while driving. Aside from listening to your music, it comes with its own apps like navigation which you can use to help you find routes. You can also connect your smartphone either via Bluetooth or via USB cable to have it show on your infotainment system’s screen and use the apps there. An even better feature above all this is voice command

Voice Command

This nifty feature was made for the safety of the driver and everyone around him. At no point should you be looking down on your infotainment system while driving and fiddling with the apps. With voice command, you can do all these things without taking your eyes off the road. Make calls, or start getting directions and routes to your destination hands-free with just the touch of a button.

Using The Chevy Equinox Navigation Voice Command

Using the chevy voice command is so simple. You can do it without having to take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel. There’s a voice command button right on your steering wheel which you can easily reach with your thumb. Simply press this and follow the prompts it asks you to follow. You’ll hear it asking you to give a command after which, simply say “Navigation”. The infotainment system will then ask you for a navigation command or say “help” if you don’t know which commands to say. For simple navigation, you can just say “address” and the infotainment system will ask you for the address. At this point, simply tell the infotainment system the destination address. Then wait for it to initiate and calculate your route. That’s all there is to it. You will then be voice-guided by your infotainment with turn-by-turn navigation prompts. 

There may be some issues with the voice command if you don’t speak clearly. The system might mishear your commands and might give you a wrong result. To avoid this, make sure that you are speaking clearly and pronouncing and enunciating each word as clearly as you can for the system to hear properly. 

You may also connect your smartphone either via USB cable or via blue tooth. Use your phone’s voice assistant while it is connected to your vehicle’s infotainment system. Siri for iPhone or Apple Carplay users, and Google Assistant for android auto users. Much like the normal voice command via your systems, onboard navigation, simply press the voice command button and call on your phone’s voice assistant to give it your command. 

Navigation is important for any driver, and with Chevy Equinox voice command, you can get to your destination easier and safer without ever having to take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the steering wheel.

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