The Importance and Benefits of a GPS Navigation System to Vehicles

2019 Chevy Silverado MyLink GPS Navigation System

Things You Need to Know About GPS Navigation System in Cars

Have you ever wondered how your GPS navigation system works on your car? Have you ever thought of how important GPS is to your navigation system?

Many car models, especially the new ones, already come with their own navigation system the moment you purchase them. But what exactly is a GPS navigation and how does it work? What are its benefits to car owners?

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A GPS navigation system receives GPS and audio/video components designed for purposes like car devices, hand-held gadgets, or a smartphone app. A GPS, or global positioning system, is a satellite navigation system that works on a 24-hour basis to find the receiver’s position on Earth using multiple satellite signals.


GPS satellites circle the Earth twice a day. These satellites transmit a unique signal that allows GPS devices to receive the precise location of the satellite. GPS receivers use this information to calculate a user’s exact location. The GPS receiver measures the distance to each satellite by the amount of time it takes to receive a transmitted signal.

With distance measurements from a few more satellites, the receiver can determine a user’s position and display it on your device for your everyday routines, such as measuring your running route, locating your favourite restaurant, or finding your way home.

The GPS navigation system in your cars does much more than that. Here are some of the benefits you can get from having a GPS navigation system in your car:

  • It can give you a heads up on the traffic around you so you would be able to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam. The latest 
  • A GPS navigation system promotes safety as it was designed for driving. Using a phone will cause many dangers when you use it while driving. An installed navigation system will definitely keep your hands on the wheel and you won’t be looking at your phone to figure out your next turn.
  • Some new models offer large GPS screens, with voice assisted directions, ensuring that you get to where you’re going safely. One good example is the massive Dodge Ram 12 inch touchscreen where you can split the screen into two. This way you can use your navigation system while pulling up your radio or Apple CarPlay.
  • GPS navigation systems don’t just get you where you’re going, they bring you there in the most effective way possible. Using a built in GPS system will ensure that you use as little gas as necessary to get from A to B.


Newer models do have the latest gps navigation system depending on the car you are purchasing. Chevrolet, for example, offers the MyLink navigation system which provides a variety of features for a better and safer driving experience. Another example is the IntelliLink navigation system which Buick and GMC use.

These awesome features started in the 2016 models. If you have an older model, you will find various navigation system upgrades in MVI. You can search up MVI’s GM Navigation System store or you can click the link here.

Let Our GMC Experts from MVI, Inc. Help

MVI Inc. gives you the ability to add a genuine factory navigation system to select models. All the kits that we offer come complete with a perfect fit and finish and the installation will function the same as if it was built that way from the factory, including steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, satellite radio, USB/Aux inputs, etc.

If you have any issues with installing any updates or have any other questions about your GM navigation system, contact our experts here at MVI Inc. today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and provide any further assistance you might need.

At MVI Inc., we are proud to provide professional installation of OEM navigation systems. We specialize in GM Navigation Systems, but also offer fitments for more platforms including non-Bose audio and other original factory navigations such as Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MyGig, and Volkswagen. All of our original factory navigation systems can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the dealer.

For more information on any of our products, please call 866-428-3585 or make a product inquiry. For quickest replies, you can use the Web Chat feature located at the bottom right corner of every page.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm (MST).

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