Height Adjustable Power Liftgate: Setting and Tweaking

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Of all the recent technological advancements vehicles are equipped with nowadays, most consumers look for those that offer convenience. Although connectivity and media are popular features, the automatic power liftgate is one of the most sought-after convenience features provided by automobile makers.

What Makes A Good Power Liftgate

There are a few things that constitute a good power liftgate.

  • Hands-free capability – this is essential, particularly for family vehicles. There are different ways to open or close a power liftgate system. For some vehicles, a person can just place a hand in front of a badge, swiftly wave a foot under and away from the rear bumper sensor, or by simply standing behind the vehicle.
  • Operating speed – it is important to determine how fast the liftgate opens and closes. Some vehicles’ liftgates can be sluggish and laggy, which takes so much of your precious time.
  • Lock button – having a lock button on the liftgate is a great way to save time. So, after the liftgate is close, you can just leave your vehicles.
  • Adjustable Height – this is undeniably one of the best power liftgate components. You can limit the height to which the liftgate opens according to your reach and/or restrict the height for low-clearance areas.

Pros of having a Height Adjustable Power Liftgate

How many times have you bumped your head trying to access the boot? How much damage has your vehicle gotten from bumping against obstacles like your garage roof? With a height adjustable power liftgate, these “accidents” can be conveniently avoided. 

It does not matter whether you are too tall or too short. Whether you are parked in a low-clearance or high-clearance parking space, the height adjustable power liftgate feature will allow you to reach the liftgate’s close or close and lock buttons.

Certain vehicle models have sensors to control the liftgate. The sensors detect whether an obstacle is near and stops the liftgate from further opening or closing. 

Setting and Tweaking a Height Adjustable Power Liftgate

Each vehicle maker has a unique way of adjusting the height of their power liftgate feature. For some models, the method of programming the height adjustable power liftgate is different for the various generations or years they were built. Listed below are some of the methods for adjusting the height of power liftgates that are common to some vehicle models.

Toyota RAV4 XA40

There are three methods to program the height adjustable power liftgate on the Toyota RAV4 code XA40.

  1. Infotainment display

From the menu, go to Settings > Other Vehicle settings > Power Back Door Opening Adjust.

Select your desired rear door opening height from the few preset heights, then select the back arrow to save.

  1. Multi-Information display

Using the steering wheel-mounted controls, go to Settings > PBD (Power Back Door) > System Settings.

Using the center button, choose all off or all on, then press the back arrow to save. 

Scroll down for the Opening Adjustment and select it. 

Select your desired rear door opening height from the few preset heights using the up and down arrow button, then press the center button to save.

From here you can also adjust the beep volume on some vehicles. Press the center button repeatedly and select. Then, press the back arrow key to save.

  1. Manual

With the liftgate open, gently adjust it to your preferred opening height. Then, press and hold the power liftgate button until you hear four beeps. This confirms the height has been adjusted accordingly.

Mustang Mach-E

Follow these steps to set the liftgate opening height of a Mustang Mach-E:

Open the liftgate and stop it at your desired height by pressing the control button on the liftgate. You can also manually adjust the height once it stops moving.

Once you have the liftgate opened at the correct height, press and hold the control button until you hear a tone or sound. This means the programming is complete.

Things to remember:

  • The liftgate control button can only be used to program the height. 
  • There is a minimum height you can program it on, and if you set it too low, the programming will not complete.


There are three settings for the GMC height adjustable power liftgate.

  1. MAX – this allows the liftgate to open to its maximum height 
  2. ¾  – this allows the liftgate to open to three-quarters of its maximum height or a fraction of that height
  3. OFF – this restricts the liftgate to manual operation

To adjust the height of the liftgate on a GMC, select ¾ on the Liftgate Switch, open the tailgate, then stop the liftgate at the desired height by pressing the liftgate button on the key fob or the Liftgate Touchpad. Press and hold the Liftgate Touchpad until the turn signals flash and a beep sounds.

Things to remember:

  • The liftgate opening has a minimum height of 5 feet or 1.5 meters. If the liftgate has been set below this height, there will be no beeping sound or flashing turn signal when the Liftgate Touchpad is held.
  • If there is an obstacle in the open cycle, the liftgate may either stop and hold its position or reverse to close. If there is an obstacle in the close cycle, the liftgate will stop and hold its position.

Porsche and Tesla

Adjusting the height of the liftgate on a Porsche and a Tesla is similar, straightforward, and easy. Just open the liftgate and manually adjust it to your preferred height. Then, push and hold the open button until you hear the signal. Confirm that you have it set to your desired height by closing the trunk and then reopening it.

How To Undo the Changes on a Height Adjustable Power Liftgate

You can always program a new height to your power liftgate. All you need to do is follow the same steps you did to adjust the power liftgate to its current height.

Technically, the only way to undo any changes to your height adjustable power liftgate is to reset the liftgate. This will restore memory features as well as get rid of any issues in opening or closing the liftgate. The reset procedure is custom to each vehicle model and year, so it is recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual.

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