OEM Electronic Vehicle Gadgets That Make a Great Holiday Gift

Electronic Vehicle Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Make Your Loved Ones Happy in Every Holiday Season with These Awesome Electronic Vehicle Holiday Gift Ideas from MVI


Holiday seasons are not just Christmas season. We celebrate the Fourth of July, New Year, and Thanksgiving with our family and friends. With these seasons just around the corner, we tend to search for those perfect last-minute gifts for them. What do you get a person who loves his car more than anything? Probably a brand new car with latest infotainment system? Why not opt for a chance to modify his precious baby by adding or upgrading its navigation and entertainment systems? We’ve got you covered with this great electronic vehicle holiday gifts to suit all budgets for our car lovers!

So, without any further ado, here are our holiday gift ideas for electric car owners this year:

Upgrade their navigation system into the latest trend.

Upgrading a car lover’s navigation system into the latest trend will give you a bone-crashing hug from them! Whether their car is a Ram truck or a Chevrolet vehicle, you can always opt for a navigation system upgrade. Good thing, MVI is offering a lot of choices for every model. Check out these awesome original equipment manufacturer (OEM) electronic vehicle holiday gift!

1. Ram Navigations

Ram truck 8 inch touchscreen good for electronic vehicle holiday gift
Dodge Ram 8.4 inch touchscreen actual image from MVI

MVI offers two products for Dodge Ram’s navigation system upgrade: an 8.4 inch touchscreen upgrade and a 12 inch touchscreen upgrade. The 8.4 inch screen display gives you control at your fingertips with Uconnect 4 and 4C NAV, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility, Integrated Voice Command, Bluetooth® Streaming Audio, SiriusXM®, and Navigation. The UAM option also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support and the UAV will have the sleek piano black finish screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility plus Navigation. The 12 inch touchscreen has most of the features as the 8.4 inch, except that the massive allows you to split your screen into two and do some multi-task while navigating the road.

The Ram navigation offer is currently on sale with the 12 inch touchscreen UAX Navigation at a price of $2,500.00 and the 8.4 inch touchscreen UConnect UAM and UAV Upgrade at $999.00 (prices may change without prior notice).

So whether you want to opt for an 8.4 inch or a 12 inch touchscreen for your loved one’s Ram vehicle, it is still a great holiday gift for car owners!

about dodge ram apple carplay android auto electronic holiday gift
The massive Dodge Ram 12-inch touchscreen can be used in a split-screen mode; available in MVI, Inc.

2. Buick and GMC Navigations

Buick and GMC navigations in MVI offers upgrades for various car models. Whether your loved one owns a Buick Lacrosse or a GMC Sierra, MVI products are perfect gift for electronic car holiday gadgets!

Buick navigation upgrades starts from $650.00 to $1,800.00 depending on the car model and the navigation system you needed for each vehicle. MVI promotes a $500.00 to $1,900.00 for GMC navigation upgrades. One thing that will excite your loved ones is when you put some awesome features in their Buick or GMC vehicle, such as Intellilink, Android Auto and CarPlay, which MVI pretty much included in their promotion!

3. Chevrolet Navigations

MVI offers a lot of variations for Chevrolet navigation upgrade just like Buick and GMC vehicles. Chevrolet upgrade options include adding or upgrading your Chevy Mylink screen; SD mapping navigation system upgrade for Chevrolet Silverado, and many more! All you have to do is choose for the appropriate car model!

There are many upgrades to choose from in MVI and these are just three awesome ideas for a holiday gift.


Make them feel secured with these backup cameras!

MVI’s 2019 – 2022 GM HD Multi-Camera Auto-Switching Towing System with Optional Front Camera

Nowadays, electronic gadgets are quite a trend but why not take a notch in giving electronic vehicle holiday gifts? Accidents on the road because of wrong turns or wrong lanes are more prone than collisions. Because of this, cameras were invented by car manufacturers for a safer parking and turning to a corner street. Just like these backup cameras for more safe travel on the road.

The newest promotion from MVI is the HD Multi-Camera Auto-Switching Towing System. This product also has an optional front camera for a better visual which can be set to auto trigger. This is a perfect choice for those planning to add a 360 Surround View Camera kit to the infotainment system of the new car models. Or you can opt for a universal wireless camera for only $280.00!


Give them a great holiday season with these electronic car gadgets

Whether you buy them a new and upgraded navigation system, added a great infotainment system, or upgrade their dashcams, the important thing is we make these car lovers happy. So, what are you waiting for? Visit MVI, Inc. website and checkout these awesome electronic vehicle holiday gifts!


MVI electronic vehicle gadgets for holiday gifts and everyday season

At MVI Inc., we are proud to provide professional installation of OEM navigation systems. We specialize in GM Navigation Systems, but also offer fitments for more platforms including non-Bose audio and other original factory navigations such as Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MyGig, and Volkswagen. All of our original factory navigation systems can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the dealer.

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