2014-2017 GM Factory DVD-Bluray System Upgrade

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All of our systems come complete with everything you’ll need for your installation; including all harnessing, a BASIC set of instructions, installation videos (if available), and up to 15 minutes of technical support!



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MVI Inc is proud to bring you our Genuine GM DVD/BluRay upgrade for your 2014-2016 GM Truck or S.U.V. Our upgrade kit goes out completely plug and play; and pre-programmed for your specific vehicle. The install will take like take less than an hour. There is quite a bit of programming involved on both the display screen and the HMI to make this upgrade happen the correct way, so please read below to decide the best option for you.
Option 1:

You pull the screen and HMI and ship them to us for the work and we would send them back along with our custom built harnessing, for a complete kit. This option will save you a little money upfront; however the vehicle Will NOT run without the HMI module installed in the vehicle. Going with this option will require that the vehicle be down for a few days while the work is done. MVI Inc would get the equipment turned around within 2 business days of receiving it.
Option 2:

MVI Inc will send you a New Display Screen and HMI, along with our custom built harnessing. This will cost a little more up front, however your truck would not be torn down and would remain drivable while the work is being done. This would arrive to you completely pre-programmed, plug and play; ready to go for your vehicle.  We would need the old HMI and old CD player back as a core, AND if you wanted to sell your old screen, you could send it back for a credit as well. We would have to see what condition the screen is in when it arrives, but we should be able to get you back 200-300 dollars depending on condition. Scratches on the touchscreen and worn buttons take away from the value and make it worth less money.

If you want the system to play in-motion; for passenger enjoyment, you’ll need to pick one of the unlock options as well. Please note that these services are discounted on this page for a bundled package and cost extra when purchased individually.

Nav By Pass Add-On Module: Click Here
Custom unlock software: Click Here


2014-2016 Chevy Silverado

2015-2016 Chevy Suburban and Tahoe

2014-2016 GMC Sierra

2015-2016 GMC Yukon/Denali


Core parts will be required back after the install is complete unless going with option 1 listed above. If going with option 2 listed above, MVI Inc will require a core form to be on file before any parts will ship.

Professional installation is always recommended unless you have prior experience working with automotive electronics.


For more information:

Please call MVI Inc M-F 9am-5pm Mountain Time.

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