What is GMC Intellilink and what are its features?

gmc factory intellilink menu screen

What is GMC Intellilink and what are its features? Most if not all of the new vehicles today ship out with some sort of advanced infotainment system. And with these new infotainment systems, smartphone connectivity is important. Nowadays, cars are fitted with intelligent touchscreen displays that control all media and infotainment-related functions. A far cry from the old car audio systems of the past that had a small screen and a whole lot of buttons.

But not all systems are the same. The quality of these systems varies widely. For GMC owners, the all-in-one Intellilink infotainment system gives them robust features and supports phone connectivity as well.

What is the Intellilink infotainment system?

GMC’s cutting-edge infotainment system, IntelliLink, enables you to link a compatible smartphone to the entertainment system in your car. This first debuted in the 2012 GMC Terrain SUV and has now spread throughout the lineup. Make your road trips more enjoyable by using this system. Start your favorite music playlist from your iPhone or to stream internet radio. You may also use it in system sat-nav, or connect your phone to use google maps or apple maps while traveling.

The system has a touch screen that also comes with buttons for navigating the different features offered. GM’s Intellilink infotainment system can also be controlled through voice control to dial phone numbers, change radio stations, or play the next track.

Intellilink boasts the simplicity of navigation. It contains a primary menu where the user may change map settings, other parameters, and screen settings. People describe the navigation system as basic. However, the menus continue to be responsive and snappy despite this.

What are the features of Intellilink?

You might brush this system as just a fancy car radio, but it’s more than that. It has a set of robust features that anyone can find useful. Here are some of its features:


Of course, the most basic feature you can think of for an infotainment system is a built-in radio. The GM Iintellilink system comes with built-in tuners for FM, AM, and XM radio. You can navigate through these using the onboard buttons, or hands-free using voice commands. Theses will help you find your favorite radio station while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

If you would rather listen to your own music files, it’s also possible with GM Intellilink. You can either load an SD card or a USB flash drive with your music files and connect it to the system. The USB drive is conveniently placed right at the center of the console. Aside from playing your music files, the SD card slot is also meant to load updates for other software and your maps.

Map View

The map view in Intellilink offers a few different setup options. There are several different settings available for the heading indicator. The user can also get a complete picture of the surrounding area from the main top-down view. Intellilink can also display the locations of nearby businesses and services. Theses will make it easy to navigate through places you don’t frequent.

Split View

Aside from the top-down view, Intellilink also offers other options like the split view which provides users with additional information. The system can also be switched to a quasi-3D view. This is normally found on the right side of the Intellilink infotainment screen.

Traffic Options

Unlike other infotainment systems that only offer one traffic setting, the Intellilink system comes with two, although you’ll need a particular Sirius XM subscription if you want to take advantage of the two traffic options. You can program your route and the Intellilink system can be switched to show all traffic routes, or filter out congested roads.

Weather Display

Another feature that is included in GM’s Intellilink is the weather display which shows you the weather data in your area. This comes at a price though since you will need another subscription from Sirius XM to take advantage of the feature.

Phone Connectivity

Our mobile phones have BlueTooth functionality and this can easily be paired with the Intellilink system. With your phone connected via BlueTooth, you can use the touchscreen display to control your phone. But there’s no need to do that since you’ll need both hands on the steering wheel to be safe. This is why there is a voice activation button conveniently placed directly on the steering wheel for easy access. Now all you need to do is press the button and give your voice commands to make or answer phone calls. This should be done without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Connecting your phone to your GM’s Intellilink system is easy. Just make sure that your phone’s BlueTooth is turned on. Then, press the phone icon on your Intellilink’s touch screen display. Find your phone in the list and pair it. Once it’s done you can use your phone through the Intellilink system to make calls or send text messages.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

While connecting your phone through BlueTooth give you the functionality of your phone through the system, having Apple Carplay or Android Auto is much better. Depending on whether you are an apple or android user, connecting to the Intellilink system will give you a user interface that is similar to your phone with the added benefit of using apps that come with your phone. Listen to music from Spotify with your phone connected, or if you don’t have a subscription for your onboard navigation system, you can use Apple Maps or Google maps. Users of the respective phones will also find it more familiar to navigate the system since the UI elements will be similar to their phones.

To connect to Apple Carplay or Android Auto, simply connect your phone with its provided USB charging/data cable and click on the icon next to the phone which would show Apple car play or Android auto, depending on which phone you use.

So, what is GMC Intellilink? GMs Intellilink infotainment system is a feature-packed system that gives your vehicle the tools it needs for a better user experience. Whether simple phone connectivity for hands-free operation while on the road, or using the robust navigation features, you will surely appreciate what Intellilink offers.

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