MVI Makes Adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Your Factory Radio Easy

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Connect your iPhone and Android Phone to Your Car Display For A Safe Driving Experience


Nowadays, it’s hard to move out of your house without your phone with you. Whether you want to stream to different music artists while traveling to and from your office or make calls and messages to your loved ones and officemates, you can almost do everything with your phone. But while driving, especially in a high traffic area, it is not safe to keep an eye on your device when you are trying to make an important call or text message. Fortunately, car innovation included adding connectivity features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into newer car models’ factory radio.

With Chevrolet jumping into the trend of connectivity features with their models, you can now pair your iPhone or Android device with the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system equipped models. Some of these Chevrolet vehicles are Chevy Silverado, Chevy Cruze, Chevy Equinox, and many more. You now make calls, texts, and even listen to your favorite artists without taking your hands off the wheel or your attention off the road. Just consider adding CarPlay and Android Auto to your factory radio!


What are CarPlay and Android Auto?

For a start, CarPlay is Apple’s way of bringing their iOS whereas Google for Android Auto to in-car infotainment systems. These connectivity apps display information from the iPhone and Android phones on a car’s built-in infotainment unit. It gives drivers a safe way to make phone calls, send text messages, listen to music, and access to maps. All of these things you might want to do with your phone while driving a vehicle!

Having CarPlay and Android Auto in your infotainment system is optional. If you have none of these connectivity features in your vehicle, you can always opt for adding Carplay or Android Auto or both in your factory radio.

Not only Chevrolet supports these features but also Buick vehicles. Buick has an Intellilink system which makes adding Apple Carplay possible.


Features in CarPlay

The US car manufacturer Apple designed CarPlay to be hands-free, giving you as little distraction as possible while driving. For this reason, it can be controlled by voice and reliant on Apple’s personal assistant Siri. You can use Siri to perform a range of actions in the car. These actions can vary from placing phone calls, getting directions, sending and reading text messages, playing music, accessing apps, and more. Adding CarPlay to your factory radio is an advantage to your driving experience!

Once connected to an in-dash system via iPhone’s Lightning port or wirelessly to your Chevrolet vehicle, CarPlay gives you in-car access to information stored in your iPhone.  This information includes:

    • Apple Maps: With your device connected to your car display, CarPlay can predict where you’re going using the addresses you have from your calendars, contacts, email, and text messages. You can also share your ETA with someone in your contact list while navigating through your map to help everyone know your location.
    • Phone Calls: You can now make calls, return missed calls, and listen to voicemails without holding your phone.
    • Audio Messages: You can now send messages by dictating instead of typing. So, you will never have to look at your iPhone while driving.
    • Apple Music: Access all your music from your music subscription and additional audio apps using your car’s built-in controls. You can also search by artist, album, or song.
    • Calendar: With the calendar connected from your iPhone device, you can get a quick, simple view of the day while you’re on the go.
    • Voice Control: CarPlay has a Siri voice control specially designed for driving. So when you are driving you can now do everything your infotainment system provided with one command.
    • Connects to Other Apps: CarPlay also supports other apps in your iPhone device, such as Podcasts, Audiobooks, WhatsApp, Spotify, and SiriusXM radio.

Because CarPlay pulls its information from the iPhone, there’s mostly and virtually no setup involved.

Adding Carplay to Chevrolet Factory Radio

Features in Android Auto

Google launched Android Auto as a special Android interface designed for use in your car. Its goal is to not make you touch your phone while you are driving.

Android Auto has three main features:

    • Google Assistant: You can now use Google Assistant to get your tasks done. You can change music, start Google Maps navigation, make calls, or reply to texts. Almost all tasks you do on your Android phone using Google Assistant can be done. You just have to speak to your car’s infotainment system!
    • Google Maps: Navigation becomes easy with Google Maps. You never need to hold your phone or attach it to your vehicle’s windshield to see your route or navigation details while driving.
    • Phone Calls and Audio Messages: You can now make calls or listen to incoming messages by just saying “Ok Google”. You can even reply to messages and change your preferred music through voice control.
    • Connect to Other Apps: With your apps on your phone with Google Assistant support, you can now access all popular music, audiobooks, and news. You can now also access the calendar on your phone to stay updated with daily routines.

With these connectivity features on your Chevrolet Infotainment System, you can absolutely do almost everything while driving.


CarPlay / Android Auto Upgrade for Chevrolet Vehicle

Since these features are most likely in the newer models, MVI, Inc. offers to add and upgrade CarPlay / Android Auto to your Chevrolet vehicle’s factory radio. We also offer AutoPlay for Apple and Android Phone integration for 2010 – 2015 Chevy Camaro models. Or you can add or upgrade your 2014 – 2015 Chevy Corvette to have a CarPlay / Android Auto feature.

If you have decided to install these features to your Chevy vehicle on your own, MVI also provides installation video. You can always visit our Youtube channel for guides. We demonstrate how to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We also provide instruction on how to install CarPlay and Android Auto navigation portals on your Chevy Silverado.


At MVI Inc., we are proud to provide professional installation of OEM navigation systems. We specialize in GM Navigation Systems, but also offer fitments for more platforms including non-Bose audio and other original factory navigations such as Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MyGig, and Volkswagen. All of our original factory navigation systems can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle as if it came built that way from the dealer.

For more information on any of our products, please call 866-428-3585 or make a product inquiry. For quickest replies, you can use the Web Chat feature located at the bottom right corner of every page.
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