2014 – 2018 GMC Sierra 8 inch Screen Intellilink Upgrade



Fits: 2014 – 2018 GMC Sierra / 2015 – 2018 GMC Canyon and 2015 – 2020 GMC Yukon!

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GMC Sierra 8 inch Screen Intellilink Upgrade

MVI is proud to offer the 2014 – 2018 GMC Sierra Work Truck Factory 8 inch Intellilink Screen Upgrade. This kit is available with optional GM Factory Navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, or both. Our GMC Intellilink Upgrade is also available for the 2015 – 2018 GMC Canyon and the 2015 – 2020 GMC Yukon!  Many aftermarket systems often create more headaches than solutions.  That is unless you stick with the factory systems that were designed for your vehicle, and we have your factory solution right here! In order to perform the 2014 – 2018 GMC Sierra 8 inch Intellilink Screen Upgrade, you will need to be equipped with option code IO3 or IO4. For more information on how to determine which option code your vehicle is equipped with, please message us in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Our GMC Intellilink upgrade will consist of a Genuine GM 8 inch Touchscreen, GM Radio Module, HMI Module, and Custom Harness Kit with microphone; if you are upgrading from an IO3 Infotainment System. If you are upgrading from an I04 infotainment system, it will ship with the 8-inch Touchscreen and HMI required to run the new 8″ Screen. The HMI module that is in your IO4 equipped truck will NOT run the newly upgraded screen. It does require the proper HMI. If you are trying to do this upgrade on your own, using your own sourced parts; you will still need programming performed on the compatible HMI before it will work in your vehicle. We do provide programming services for this instance, which can be ordered here: GM HMI Programming Service.You can purchase the required harness kit for your IO3 upgrade separately here:8-inch screen harness kit  Our IO3 GMC Canyon, Sierra and Yukon 8 inch Screen Upgrade is an advanced install and professional installation is recommended if you are not familiar with 12-volt wiring. You will be required to make some solder connections at the BCM Module below the steering wheel. Our factory systems come with the latest IntelliLink software available, and will add things like the weather apps (Sirius/XM subscription required) and Pandora; and will come with the latest updates and software fixes to help avoid any issues. This added value will save you from the potential headaches of going to the dealer down the road. A tremendous value-added feature we do that separates ourselves from the rest! All of our systems come complete with everything you’ll need for your installation; including our custom hand-built harnessing, GPS antenna (when purchasing Navigation), GM Module or Modules, 8-inch Touchscreen, and instructions/installation videos. Vehicle-specific programming is handled prior to shipping, allowing you to avoid a trip to the dealer. We do provide up to 15 minutes of technical support, for basic troubleshooting purposes only. Tech Support is only scheduled and handled via TEXT message (see check box’s above), and we can not support guiding you through an entire install, so please make sure you are capable of doing this type of work, if you are planning on doing a self install.

IntelliLink Features include:

  • Upgrade your small 4.2″ Base / Work Truck Screen to the larger 8″ screen
  • Pandora On-screen Playback (connection via USB)
  • Wireless Music Streaming
  • Bluetooth / Hands-Free Phone Calling
  • Phone Book App (w/wireless contact download)
  • Full Voice Recognition
  • Ability to also add the FACTORY MAP BASED NAVIGATION SYSTEM on the touch screen (optional)
    • Enhanced Color Display with 2D or 3D mapping
  • Optional Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Adds the ability to add a Backup Camera to your Work Truck or Base model vehicle (optional)
  • Optional – Adds XM Radio
  • Optional – Adds CD Player
  • Plug and Play Installation on I04 equipped vehicles. Advanced Install on I03 Equipped Vehicles and Soldering at the BCM is Required (see notes in the paragraph above)
  • Bose Audio NOT Required
  • Includes all harnessing and cables required to upgrade your vehicle
OPTIONAL:  Add our 2014 – 2018 Sierra / Silverado OEM Tailgate Handle BackUp Camera to your system.  We offer vehicle applications for both “Pre-wired” and “Non-Pre-wired” vehicles. Please view the following videos showing how to check if your vehicle is prewired, or not, for a reverse camera. We will need to verify if you have, or do not have, the wires shown in the video so we can send out the correct harness for your camera.


  • IO3 or IO4 Radio option.  Please message us for help determining which radio your vehicle is currently equipped with.
  • VIN number required for programming prior to shipping (no dealer programming necessary).
  • Professional installation is recommended if you are not familiar with automotive electronics and installations. We do provide up to 15 minutes of BASIC installation support for customers that prefer to do the install on their own, for troubleshooting purposes ONLY. As a custom business, we are NOT able to offer on-demand tech support. Tech support must be scheduled via TEXT MESSAGE ONLY. For more info please view our Terms and Conditions.
If your vehicle is equipped with IO3 you may also be interested in our 2014 – 2018 GMC IntelliLink Factory CarPlay / Android Auto 7″ Screen Upgrade / IOB. For vehicles equipped with IO5 please see our GMC Factory Navigation Upgrade or GMC CarPlay / Android Auto upgrade. For vehicles equipped with IO6 please see our GMC CarPlay / Android Auto upgrade.



Weight8 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 8 in

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